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Mobile wallets are accepted in Africa more than in any other part of the world. Open API models enable trusted partners to build new customer interface layers and innovate new and exciting products and services on top of a financial service provider platform. From robo advisors and open APIs to blockchain technology, we take a look at five innovations transforming the banking sector. We are also working with major stakeholders in the financial sector to develop more superior solutions to tackle what is the last major challenge facing financial inclusion, which is deposit taking. As a bank, we see digital space as a key one. Consequently, the number of people who need banking services will continue increasing at least in the near future. At the same time, more banks were concentrated in urban areas than rural areas. Although they won't invite you to step into their office for a cup of tea, robo advisors are quick, efficient and cheap - and automated investment services are on the rise globally. In everything that we do, we want to be known for our integrity, hard work, discipline, transparency and as a platform for enriching lives. It is unsurprising, therefore, that in developing nations the majority of large mobile financial services deployments are now using USSD as their primary communication tool. It can be used to securely store client identities or handle cross-border payments. See the Investment Opportunities available. They went beyond and now many are using mobile solutions. However, the progress and ambition has been amidst some resistance from some countries to adopt new technologies.

At the recently held Next Einstein Forum NEF Global Gathering hosted in Kigali last week, there was optimism by participants from different industries and parts of the continent that technology will turn around the financial sector, further driving financial inclusion for the unbanked population.

After years of searching, a cloud is shifting and the answer is becoming clear.

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By leveraging the growth of mobile penetration in Nigeria, GTBank has been able to provide customers with simpler, cheaper and faster ways to bank, while significantly reducing the cost of serving them as well. Tala is already present in other countries like Tanzania, Philippines and Mexico with Muturi revealing that they intend to expand to other African markets which bear potential.

But now, due to innovations in mobile banking, not only have we successfully reduced the cost of onboarding, we have also reduced the cost of banking for our customers, particularly those in the retail segment.

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In the financial industry, for example, banks must now contend with a constantly evolving set of customer requirements, together with a necessity to move quickly and invest heavily in new technology — all the while complying with increasingly stringent banking regulations. According to Muturi, the data collected by Tala show that more than 70 per cent of those who borrow money either start a business or expand existing businesses. In the finance sector, robo advisors are already on the market that can handle virtually every aspect of investing. However, other nations still ban the practice. He is a futurist and thought leader in innovation. Skinner is doing a book launch in New York at 6 p. After years of searching, a cloud is shifting and the answer is becoming clear. Michael is well knowledgeable in various fields of the industry dedicating time and effort to his passion in security. The technology isn't universally good news for customers though. Customers expect a more personalised service from their banks, and big data analytics is also helping banks to tailor products to the individual needs of their customers.

Technology disruption Another technology driven solution Tala, a Kenyan mobile loan application, is enabling clients access credit. Currently, it is leading a project to use digital devices, such as wearables, to deliver banking services.

Ant Financial is the only company trying to build a global financial inclusion program, it aims to support two billion users bySkinner said.

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Tala is not the only firm seeking to disrupt the financial sector, Danapay a decentralized transfer and payment service, developed by Malian entrepreneurs, Moussa Dembele and Gaoussou Keita has similar ambitions. In the finance sector, robo advisors are already on the market that can handle virtually every aspect of investing.

Fortunately, we now have a bridge, and it comes in the form of mobile technology: through innovation, banks in Africa are finally able to reach people in the most remote parts of the continent.

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Guaranty Trust Bank is harnessing technology to drive inclusivity