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His ambition in his childhood had been a career in law but then he decided to be medical student before he entered to Vienna University in Freud's association with cocaine also has tragic undertones, according to Chiriac All of these perspectives all impact one another.

In in addition to an extremely awe-inspiring childhood Freud also had an equally impressive adult adult life with the publication of over books, articles and essays along with the title as father behind countless theories in modern-day psychology including The Conscious and Unconscious Mind, The Id, Ego and Superego, Life and Death Instincts, and Psychosexual Development His theory was so inspiring that other psychologists consider his work sacred.

Feelings such as thirst, hunger, anger and boredom are controlled by the Id. He reflects this based on dreams being real and on the other hand dreams being private, where they can be fulfilled.

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It was based on his psychoanalytic work to treat behavioral disorders. Freud, being Jewish, tended to attract mostly Jews to his group of psychoanalysts.

A common behavior from life instincts is love. Semyon was able to overcome his struggles with each archetype and his struggle in his unconsciousness when he was with the Sea King This paper will focus on the life, works and theories developed by Sigmund Freud

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