The life of stonewall jackson a confederate commander in the civil war

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The family already had two young children and were living in Clarksburgin what is now West Virginia, when Thomas was born. Federal troops occupied her hometown of Beverly [West] Virginia during most of the war, and Mrs.

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He required little sleep but was known to take catnaps. InJulia Neale Jackson remarried. Battle of 1st Manassaswhere he acquired the legendary nickname Stonewall.

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Troopers from the 3rd Maryland fell, shot in the back, and both the Marylanders and the Pennsylvanians broke for the rear. His servants reverenced and loved him, as they would have done a brother or father. The artillery contest had opened around 4 p. Military Academy at West Point. He liked mineral baths. He frequently punished his officers for relatively minor violations of military discipline and rarely discussed his plans with them. The charge slowed, then ground to a halt. Julia took in sewing and taught school to support herself and her three young children for about four years. Thomas grew up helping his uncle on the farm. He soon rose to the rank of brigadier general. Some of his battle tactics are still studied today in military schools. Joining Lee in the Peninsula, Jackson continued to fight in defense of Virginia. The Confederate left was now in shambles.

InJackson retired from the army and became a teacher at the Virginia Military Institute. Jackson earned his nickname at the First Battle of Bull Run also known as Manassas in July when he rushed his troops forward to close a gap in the line against a determined Union attack.

One Union officer said that, though she seemed depressed at hearing the news, her Unionism was stronger than her family bonds.

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However, when returning from a scouting trip, Jackson was accidentally shot in the arm by his own men. Early pushed, prodded, swore and cursed the brigade through the forest that shielded the movement. Where did he get the nickname Stonewall? Walker, ordered him out of the melee. At the end of the fighting in Mexico, having been promoted to first lieutenant and to the brevet rank of major, he was assigned to the occupation forces in Mexico City. Jackson, who had ridden forward to organize the pursuit, was accidentally shot down by his own men when he returned at dusk and was seriously, but not mortally, wounded. He was named for his maternal grandfather. He probably opposed the institution. Late the next day, a thunderstorm broke the oppressive heat and gave succor to the scores of wounded who lay about the field. His students called him "Tom Fool". Formal education was not easily obtained, but he attended school when and where he could. During the assault on Chapultepec Castle on September 13, , he refused what he felt was a "bad order" to withdraw his troops.

Southerners mourned the death of their war hero, while Lee faced fighting the war without a highly valued general and comrade.

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Biography: Stonewall Jackson