The role of global english and its positive and negative aspects to native languages

UAE makes Arabic official language. After Arabic loss, the influence of Western culture on national dress was the next most common example of cultural changes connected with English. A conversation between native English speakers and non-native speakers, or conversely between non-native English speakers from different countries, are fraught with negative effects on participants such as difficulty concentrating during the conversation, misunderstanding, and doubts about the credibility of the speaker or his intelligence.

Khaleej Times. Multiple identities as reflected in English- language education: The Turkish perspective.

The role of global english and its positive and negative aspects to native languages

Who am I as an Arab English speaker? Lowenberg, P.

positive and negative effects of globalization on culture

Silverman Ed. They give me songs to listen to so all my songs on my phone are English.

Negative effects of globalization on language

A gesture that symbolizes something positive in one culture, may be interpreted as negative and insulting in another. In this case, the language in which they conduct their conversation becomes more important, and must be as accurate as possible. Eggington Eds. Lado, R. A Conflict of Desires 21 Figure 3. The resulting different perspectives can determine if the workers in a particular organization function effectively or not, and whether business meetings will bear fruit. As the workers tend to be on relatively short contacts, there is a constant influx and efflux of this population resulting in Emiratis living amongst constant demographic change. The audience, who do not come from his culture and are not versed in the intricacies of his language which is unavoidably associated with the culture it comes from , may understand the content delivered in an incomplete and sometimes even wrong manner. The students were first asked if they had preferences regarding the nationality of their English teachers. How does learning English affect cultural identity in the UAE? Attitudes towards learning English: A case study of university students in Saudi Arabia.

The impact of global English on the Arabic language: The loss of the Allah lexicon. As can be seen below, Shamma stated that she would prefer to study in both Arabic and English in the future. A study of attitudes toward Western culture among Saudi university students.

These perspectives were gained through a qualitative study using an open-response questionnaire with thirty-five students and a focus group with a further five students.

Scotland, J.

pros and cons of english as a global language

Literature Review 2.

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Dangers of a Global Language