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These developments come at a time when public concern about biospecimen research and informed consent has already been stoked not only by the story of Henrietta Lacks, but also by lawsuits over the research use of newborn screening samples 1830 and biospecimens from indigenous populations 28 Collecting biospecimens from family members solely for research purposes would require an IRB-approved protocol and informed consent.

Routinely obtaining consent for the research use of residual clinical specimens, however, would be a substantial departure from current practice 3.

With regard to the collection of biospecimens specifically for research, the ethical acceptability of broad consent for future unspecified use has long been discussed 2152546175, but surveys suggest that it is now common in the United States 57 and possibly other countries 40 She was a mother, wife and daughter.

What happens if researchers want to use them for purposes beyond the original project described to the patient? This is a good thing, because it starts the discussion about ethical considerations and genetic testing.

Indoctors returned to the Lacks family home to draw blood from the Lacks children to learn more about their mothers genetics. In all subgroups, opt-out plus was preferred more often than other approaches.

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Origin of HeLa cells continues to impact research ethics