Understanding how gang morals are passed on to individuals to deal with gang violence

solutions for gang violence

Working-class, minority gang members can gain respect through their ability to fight Anderson Funerals are the second ritual events in gang life in which alcohol and violence are associated.

In this way, particular drinking styles can be seen as similar to other symbolic insignia, including tattoos, dress colors, and codes Miller In addition to those violent activities internal to the gang, violence between opposing gangs is another frequent and common activity that is associated with drinking.

The association of alcohol and violent behavior is confirmed.

In addition to its role as a cohesive mechanism, particular drinking styles within gangs may operate, as with other social groups, as a mechanism to maintain group boundaries, thereby demarcating one gang from another. Once the tensions are resolved through alcohol-related violence, the group can again regain its cohesion and unity.

cause and effect of gang violence

In such cases, as other researchers have noted, alcohol works to create a ritualized context for fighting and violent confrontations, whether physical or verbal Szwed ; Macandrew and Edgertonin which in-built tensions can be released or disputes settled within a contained arena.

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Alcohol and Violence in the Lives of Gang Members