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Domitrovic, Brian. John F. The lost generation then felt the need to travel, not for adventure, but as a way to deal with the post-war society.

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Elliot may have been referring to shellshock, a condition where war survivors found themselves in a state of numbness and disbelief as a way of handling their memories. The most interesting similarity between the two generations, however, is their optimism. Farrell and later Nelson Algren. Bertens, Hans. Domitrovic, Brian. The s was a period of change, particularly for women. Out of their disillusion and rejection, the writers built a new literature, impressive in the glittering s and the years that followed.

He was shocked with the sheer brutality of war and wrote about it in his antiwar novels. References Abrams, M. While authors such as Saul BellowBernard MalamudHortense Calisherand Philip Roth presented the varied responses of urban intellectuals, usually Jews, and John Updike and John Cheever treated the largely Protestant middle class, William BurroughsJoyce Carol Oatesand Raymond Carver unsparingly depicted the conflict and violence inherent in American life at all levels of society.

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War was a terrible hing that made men lose their masculinity, gave people a sense of disillusionment, and made people want to return to a simpler, idealistic past. Scott Fitzgerald The Lost Generation is used to describe the generation of men and women in their 20ss immediately after World War I.

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American literature: The Lost Generation and After