Writing a slice of life story

A work that focuses on minute and faithful reproduction of some bit of reality, without selection, organization, or judgment and that every smallest detail is presented with scientific fidelity is an example of the "slice of life" novel.

Do you mean psychological as in: I'm going to make the character really depressed and make the story about depression? If you end up with a description about a character dealing with or going through an event or situation, such as, a woman deals with the aftermath of her son's death, you might want to explore it further.

Though I'm sure you could adapt it and break up the individual short stories into chapters and mix them together. The problem in my opinion of course, tastes will vary is a subplot that suggests a much larger resolvable goal that's never developed.

Slice of life writing lesson plans

And thank you for pointing out the "Adventure" part of the SOL genre. Thanks for this post. In a slice if life, the plot itself doesn't matter as much, because solving that external problem isn't what's driving the protagonist. Though I'm sure you could adapt it and break up the individual short stories into chapters and mix them together. Just tell a realistic story and have your characters behave in a realistic way, avoid extraordinary circumstance though this is largely a given in any genre, IMO , etc. That doesn't mean there is no "So What" in the SoL genre, it just takes the form of "Why should I care to read about the daily lives of these characters? Basically with what i understand is that if you want the audience to forgive the lack of plot, i should focus on the characters more and how they interest the readers. From Fiction University: Enabling third party cookies on your browser could help if you have trouble leaving a comment.

Was it harder or easier for you than a plot-driven novel? There are reasons, however, why these internal stories are just as gripping as their action-packed counterparts.

Is it okay to use the short story collection type formula when writing Slice of Life, or does that not work too well in a novel context? This didn't work because a single plot element hijacked the story and suggested that solving this element was the point of the book, which was then never resolved.

It made you wonder how you would act in this same situation. Oh and here are some links about Slice of Life that may be helpful:. Here's an updated look at what makes or breaks a day in the life of a character novel.

When done, kids have lots of ideas to refer back to.

slice of life comedies

The world needed to end for this character to go through this internal change.

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Fiction University: Just Another Day: Writing the "Slice of Life" Novel