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Students need to create well-organized strategies and methods to reduce tension during this process and combine words well. The answer of which shape their behavior.

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The author constructed the story in such as way as to have the narrator be both the protagonist and the antagonist. Kibin does not guarantee the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the essays in the library; essay content should not be construed as advice.

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The father's finding of inner peace is what had saved him and the father's quest is a symbol for the results that are possible when someone finds their inner peace. The story is composed in a very interesting way allowing the narrator to become both the protagonist and also the antagonist. The essays in our library are intended to serve as content examples to inspire you as you write your own essay. I believe that Zaabalawi is a very classic story that has a very heavy lean toward religion and social studies all Because of the encounters that the narrator has throughout the entire story. In all but two locations throughout the city, the protagonist encounters places that are either run down or seemingly full of despair and a lack of hope, as apparent from his observations on one of his travels to the inner city: "I went to Birgawi Residence which was situated in a thickly populated quarter. Symbolism is used in this scene because the protagonist visited the Birgawi residence, a symbol that he is found in places of despair and ruin. This symbolizes the change in times, for at the time of the protagonist it was a cruel world full of despair and people didn't readily seek inner peace as they once did, but he should hold out hope because he still has inner peace to find within himself.

This is a paradox because at first glance, the statement appears wrong like it doesn't seem to make sense. By utilizing the techniques set forth by the method, we will determine the meaning of the short story.

This is ironic because of the context of the events at the time in the story.

Zaabalawi essay

This is symbolic because it implies the change in times, unlike the old times when people searched for inner peace, people of his time live in a world of despair without searching inner peace.

But the question does not have a definitive answer, because the number of words needed to fill a page will always vary. Basically the people see him as a God that lives in the land of the living.

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At this point in the story it is not really clear if he is a real man, or is simply an idea or a symbol for something greater.

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The Spiritual Entity in Zaabalawi, a Short Story by Naguib Mahfouz